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Today was eventful af. We're dog sitting for the weekend, and this dog is really big, I mean HUUUUGE and looks like a wolf. He's part Chow-chow and part Lab. He's a majestic beast in comparison to our 4lb puppy. He is a really sweet, friendly dog but I'm too nervous to let him meet the puppy. They barked at each other for a while before I separated them. I'm worried about him hurting her, whether it's accidental or not. He accidentally scratched me already and I'm a good sized human lady. So yeah... we have to keep 2 dogs totally separate in the house... should be fun. I love cuddling him though. He's like a big pillow!

Aside from that, I had a great tutoring session today. The kiddo gave me three whole drawings before I left. My favorite one is a drawing of us, sharing an ice cream cone, surrounded by trees and a rainbow. Kids and dogs will never fail to warm your heart. With that in mind, I really can't complain.


Hi again. I made a lot of updates to my site today, including a chat box. Please leave me a message if you'd like! It seems that most of us here are nostalgic for the old web and how things used to be. It would be cool to meet likeminded people because I struggle with navigating social media and prefer to be off it altogether.

My pup is being crazy hyper today. No one told me having a puppy is 90% anxiety about what's in their mouth or where they wandered off to. She's a baby who needs us, that's what I keep reminding myself. She is doing amazing with potty training and only has accidents if we slack on taking her out. Now she's laying next to me, chewing on a sock because I gave up on being dog mom of the year (I love her, I promise).

Somehow it's already past 2am. Look at what my sleep schedule is turning into. It's a little nostalgic, reminding me of high school days, staying up late to work on my tumblr theme. These hours of the night are hauntingly peaceful.

Good morning, except it's not morning, it's past noon.

Here's some stuff about me: I have a puppy. She's super small, adorable, and wild. My dream is to work with children as a speech pathologist.
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